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Simpler, clearer, faster.
Between 20 and 50 Euros depending on the expedient to claim for.
Any kind of letter addressed to the spanish administration you have to do or require. Do you think you are paying any unfair tax? Any unfair rise of electriciy payment? Any unfair rise of water tax? Letters for school, high school,... etc.
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Steps to follow:

  1. Send to this e-mail iberinformes@gmail.com the neccesary documentation as follow:
    • NIE (identification number) scanned or mobile photo. Please both sides.
    • Briefly explanation of your matter or your queries.

  2. Once documentation received we will answer you absolutely free if your case is available or not.

  3. Only just in case your require be accepted, you can choose two options:
    • We can send the letter written previous payment and you can send it yourself.
    • We can do it for you (send to where ever be appropiate) with 5€ more of costs over the original price previous payment, after this we will also need authorization document in spanish signed in this mail scanned or mobile photo be sent to us too.
    • Finally we will send to you letter sent to the spanish administration. We can send to you by ordinary mail if you require it too.

Payment: Payment protection insurance. You will not need paypal account, only "an e-mail".

Same e-mail for paypal: iberinformes@gmail.com


Important: Once we do all the neccesary paperwork all the documentation received will be destroyed. "Never" keep any documentation about your matter.

For another way of payment please send us an e-mail.